Oculus Rift FPV V2 (Remote Eyes)

I recently got my Rift delivered (finally). Because i got some emails about my “Remote Eyes” Code too, i decided to OpenSource it. You can download it from Google Code if you want: https://code.google.com/p/remote-eyes/source/browse/

Because the old code was pretty bad and didn´t work out with the rift, i decided to port the whole thing to the newly released RiftSDK for Linux. So i modified OculusWorldDemo to be the new RemoteEyes application. That way its now possible to use all the cool RiftSDK features like IPD / Profiles and so on, aswell as adaption to the actually connected Rift. Even chromatic abberation correction works (press c to toogle).

Here is a Screenshot of the current Version:



Actually the image is flipped upside down. Someone has to fix this in a newer version i guess :). I is adapted to my WebCam which outputs BGA color Information and packs this BGA bytes into a RGBA Texture.. This conversion is just statically implemented inside the code..  You might have to change it if your Videodevice outputs a other Pixelformat… Ideally this can be done with OpenCV which is used anyway, but i havent´t had the time to figure out how this works!

3 thoughts on “Oculus Rift FPV V2 (Remote Eyes)

  1. TMS says:

    Could someone possibly make this run on linux on the raspberry pi?

  2. Chownas says:


    I just played around with your project a bit. First of all: Thanks a lot for making it open source! I really appreciate it!

    I, rather by accident, found out how you get the picture flipped the easy way: just invert the picture size! Et voila: It’s the right way facing up 🙂

    1. Chownas says:


      pRender->RenderImage(pictureSize, pictureSize, -pictureSize,
      -pictureSize, image, 255);


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